We believe in the weak form of the Efficient Market Hypothesis. Despite its name, this theory states that technical analysis (analyzing support and resistance levels, reading charts, etc.) is pointless. While these strategies may work on occasion, they won’t produce consistent, above-average returns over time. Technical analysis is for traders and speculators, in our opinion. We are investors buying small ownership stakes in companies that will return value commensurate with the risk.

The weak form theory focuses on fundamental analysis to spot information errors and find undervalued securities. We build discounted cash flow models, study segment growth rates, analyze demographic and pricing trends, and most of all, look at the long-term prospects of businesses. Warren Buffett’s mentor and author of Securities Analysis and The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham, said it best when he wrote that the stock owner should not be too concerned with erratic fluctuations in stock prices, since in the short term, the stock market behaves like a voting machine, but in the long term it acts like a weighing machine. In other words, we don’t speculate for clients, we invest for clients.

Diversification is the “free lunch” of investing and the basis of every portfolio we build at Snowball Wealth Management. Our portfolios are designed to take the hits as well as take advantage of changes in the market. It all starts with an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) tailor made to each client’s risk tolerance, risk capacity, and optimal asset allocation. From this framework, we construct a diversified portfolio to achieve the financial goals determined through the financial planning process.


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